Off to see the Wizard

I was trying to write an actual serious post about my motivations for traveling the world. What I hoped to find within myself, what I hoped to find outside myself, and the impact I hope to have. I failed at the serious, analytical post, but ended up with something else instead.

I’m off to see the wizard, whomever he may be.
This american dream is just not my cup of tea.

I need to have a purpose, I need to have a plan.
I need to find out how I roll, and what rocks in hinterland
I’ve heard about a wizard, who changes peoples lives
I’m off to find that wizard and see just how he jives

I’ve heard there is a wizard who pulls water out of sand
And digs the rows all crooked, to try to help the land
He summons up the miracles with the magic of the Tech
And fills the children’s bellies using knowledge from the ‘Net
He has big friends back home who know how to pull the strings
That terrify the bad men and make ’em do funny things.

He likes to help a girl see she really is that smart,
He likes to help a boy see the bigness in his heart,
He likes to help a father find a way to save the farm
And stop the danger from those who’d do his family harm
He likes to help a mother fix a hurt and kiss an owie
And help her have the health to grow a stronger family

I’m trying hard to find him as I travel to and fro
He is made up of the best of all my childhood heroes
If he’s just a famous story, If he’s just a fabled rhyme,
In the end what have I lost but a little bit of time?

For I’m searching not for him, but the better parts of me,
The ones I cannot find sitting underneath this tree,
Even if he’s just a fabled story, if he’s just a famous rhyme,
The hunting and the searching are still very worth my time

I may not find him in one man, or one woman in one place,
But in my epic quest to find him, in my hunt for his bright face
I’ll learn to be just like him, and in the mirror doth I see
The epic wizard staring back, from where my eyes should be.

As my adventures start to shorten, and I round that final bend,
I’ll have been in my own Fairy Tale, a hero till the end.

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