Not according to plan

Overhearing a conversation in my hostel about a trip where nothing went according to plan. The last statement the storyteller made was “at least we can still laugh about it”

Nothing in the story involved significant injury or death. Massive money loss, or valuable possessions… Everything that didn’t go according to plan was just inconvenience stuff.

Which brings me to ask, are the trips where everything goes according to plan, even worth taking? I mean, everything went according to plan… No surprises, no unexpected turn of events… Is that trip even worth the time invested? To say nothing of the money or missed opportunity cost where some less predictable trip could have been enjoyed.

I would say, that barring any real catastrophes, I don’t want life to go according to plan, and that includes the trips. Life is lived best when the plan goes out the window and you have to think on your feet. When you miss your bus and spend an hour talking to a beautiful stranger. Or you fail to get a room at the place you wanted, so you end up staying in a crappy room that gives you new perspectives.

Staying open to the flux of reality means you’re open to life.

Life is lived between the cracks, and the best cracks are where your plan has nothing to do with what actually, eventually transpires.

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